Meetup Replay – Quantum algorithms solve Nonlinear Equations

We had the pleasure to hear:

– Xavier AUBRY managing partner at Zaz Ventures. Zaz Ventures provides innovation funding services (EU funding advice and bid writing) across a variety of domains and has recently been involved in several successful EIC bids with European quantum leaders IQM, Pasqal and Qblox. They have raised 450M Euros of funding for their clients in the Horizon 2020 programme since 2014. Xavier told us about EU funding opportunities for startups, this is very timely with the next phase of Horizon Europe calls soon to start.

– Vincent ELFVING and Benno BROER respectively CTO and CEO of Qu&Co. Qu&Co is a quantum-algorithm and quantum-software developer based in Delft, one of the very first companies in this field born in Europe. Their aim is to bridge the gap between the historically academic field of quantum-algorithm development and the practical computational-needs of their corporate clients. They focused their presentation on a recently published and patented new hybrid quantum algorithm that could unlock the immensely valuable field of computational fluid dynamics for NISQ computers.