Our projects

Our hackatons

Our hackathons bring together students, startups, and companies to collaborate on tangible and valuable use cases that can be implemented in the near future. We firmly believe that these events are crucial, as they allow us to prepare for the forthcoming quantum revolutions. Not only do our hackathons foster the development of future quantum tools, but they also serve as a friendly gathering that unites the key players in the quantum ecosystem.

Pack quantique

PAQ funding will go to projects tackling major industrial challenges associating, on the one hand, actors of the Paris Region quantum ecosystem that is extremely rich in startups, expertise, talents and global companies leading adoption of quantum technologies, and on the other hand quantum computing resources provided in the short term by the startup Pasqal and in the longer term a future European high performance quantum / hybrid computing infrastructure provisioned by GENCI, a public company working to increase the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) for boosting competitiveness within the French economy, across all scientific and industrial fields.

Le Lab Quantique and GENCI will ensure that the whole ecosystem benefits from the funded projects, with the conviction that now is a time for fruitful and original collaborative approaches, until quantum advantage will be reached for real life applications.