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Paysage des brevets et publications sur les technologies quantiques, par Michel KUREK

Compte tenu des opportunités et des menaces créées par les technologies quantiques, des investissements importants se […]

Meetup Replay – Quantum Orchestration, Quantum-Safe Cybersecurity, Building the Ecosystem

We had the great pleasure to host:– Michele MOSCA, professor at the Institute for Quantum […]

Meetup Replay – Superconducting Qubits, Quantum Machine Learning & Quantum Markets

We had the pleasure to host:–Alexandre BLAIS, Professor and Scientific Director at Institut Quantique / […]

How to build quantum communication networks at a small scale ?

VeriQloud introduces in this great medium paper the feasibility of Quantum secured networks. Quantum key […]

Meetup Replay : Quantum Venture Capital, Co-Design Quantum Computers, Quantum Networks

We had the pleasure to host on May 12th: – SAMIR KUMAR (M12, Microsoft’s venture […]

Meetup Replay: QC for Finance, Open Source Quantum Computing, Sensing with Diamonds

We had the pleasure to host, on April 28th :– ROMAN ORUS and ENRIQUE LIZASO, […]

Meetup Replay: coding with atoms, disruptive nano-photonics for IR sensing, quantum computing for biopharma

Watch the replay on YouTube of our Meetup held on April 14th, 2020 featuring:– LOIC […]

Workshop brings together Post Quantum Cybsecurity and Quantum Communications

BPI France, Le Lab Quantique and Quantonation organized during Deep Tech Week a workshop dedicated […]

Meetup Replay: Computational Drug Design, Photonic Quantum Computing and Student Entrepreneurship

In times of Covid19, for the first time a LLQ Meetup has happened exclusively online, […]