PACK Quantique

🔎🤩What happened yesterday ?

Yesterday marked another milestone in our journey with the PACK Quantique initiative, an endeavor Le Lab Quantique has been proud to support and organize alongside the Région Île-de-France, GENCI, TERATEC and Systematic Paris-Region. To date, this collaboration has successfully funded 13 groundbreaking projects involving major French industrial leaders such as EDF, MBDA, Thales, Air Liquide, NAVAL GROUP, Allianz, Matmut, and Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking and quantum leading startups including Pasqal Quandela Alice & Bob Multiverse Welinq Qubit Pharmaceuticals Multiverse Computing Qubitsoft IQM Quantum Computers C12.

One of our proudest achievements has been making quantum computing more accessible for industrial partners. A remarkable 88% of the participants have expressed their eagerness to continue this journey with other quantum technologies or platforms.

Yesterday’s event was a testament to the progress we’ve made together. It provided a platform to showcase the advancements of all the funded projects, foster collaboration, and strengthen partnerships among the attendees.

We are thrilled about the potential of quantum technologies and their transformative impact across various industries. A heartfelt thank you to all our partners, participants, and contributors for their continued support and dedication.

We look forward to furthering these collaborations and spearheading innovation in the quantum ecosystem.