• Can quantum mechanics improve radar technology?

    Published On: November 10, 2020

    Press reports allude regularly to a “quantum advantage” in the field of long range detection of hidden targets or threats, which would have a substantial impact for the military. We’ve asked two world expert in [...]

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  • Meetup Replay – Quantum Acceleration, Randomness as a Service, the State of the Quantum Industry

    Published On: October 13, 2020

    We had the pleasure to hear: - Professor Irfan SIDDIQI (UC Berkeley, LBNL). Irfan leads the Ad­vanced Quantum Testbed that focuses on superconducting quantum computing technologies and has recently taken the direction of the new [...]

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  • Patents, publications and investments in quantum technologies – a report by Michel Kurek

    Published On: September 16, 2020

    Given the opportunities and threats created by quantum technologies, significant investments have been made over the past 5 to 10 years, in both the public and private sectors. Several governments have launched large multi-year programs [...]

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  • Pour un écosystème de l’informatique quantique

    Published On: July 26, 2020

    Jean-Christophe Gougeon and Christophe Jurczak from Le Lab Quantique explain why new practices are needed to support the emergence of the quantum ecosystem. In French. Read more (French)

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  • DECODE Quantum – Interview des fondateurs du Lab Quantique

    Published On: July 11, 2020

    Decode Quantum, est une émission pour découvrir la révolution quantique au travers du témoignage des meilleurs experts internationaux. Découvrez Le Lab Quantique et l'écosystème international du quantique avec nos co-fondateurs Christophe Jurczak et Jean-Christophe Gougeon. [...]

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  • Paysage des brevets et publications sur les technologies quantiques, par Michel KUREK

    Published On: July 4, 2020

    Compte tenu des opportunités et des menaces créées par les technologies quantiques, des investissements importants se font depuis les 5 à 10 dernières années, dans les secteurs public et privé. Plusieurs gouvernements ont lancé de vastes [...]

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