Meetup Replay: coding with atoms, disruptive nano-photonics for IR sensing, quantum computing for biopharma

Watch the replay on YouTube of our Meetup held on April 14th, 2020 featuring:
LOIC HENRIET, software engineer at Pasqal, who introduced the software stack of their unique platform, and demonstrated how to access it and leverage its unique capabilities
SIMONE DE LIBERATO, professor and University Research Fellow of the Royal Society at Southampton University, gave us a primer on the fascinating science of Ultra Strong Coupling and showed us his path towards real life applications of nano-photonics
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BOBIER, partner at Boston Consulting Group, presented his report “Will Quantum Computing Transform Biopharma R&D?“, more relevant than ever in times of Covid19


The access to Pasqal’s emulator through Cirq is on GitHub/Cirq