How to build quantum communication networks at a small scale ?

VeriQloud introduces in this great medium paper the feasibility of Quantum secured networks. Quantum key distribution (QKD) enables secret key establishment over an insecure communication channel. It even reaches the holy grail of encryption, which is unconditional security. No matter the effort spent by an eavesdropper, data encrypted through quantum key distribution remain secure forever.

Meetup Replay : Quantum Venture Capital, Co-Design Quantum Computers, Quantum Networks

We had the pleasure to host on May 12th:
– SAMIR KUMAR (M12, Microsoft’s venture fund), OLIVER KAHL (MIG), CHRISTOPHE JURCZAK (Quantonation) for a debate on investing in quantum technologies
– ENRIQUE SOLANO, CEO at IQM Germany: Co-Design of quantum computers
– MEHDI NAMAZI, CEO and founder of Qunnect : telecom-integrated networks, one module at a time

Meetup Replay: QC for Finance, Open Source Quantum Computing, Sensing with Diamonds

We had the pleasure to host, on April 28th :
– ROMAN ORUS and ENRIQUE LIZASO, respectively CSO and CEO at leading quantum software startup Multiverse will tell us about their approach of the financial use cases, and introduce us to their Quantum inspired technology based one tensor networks
– NATHAN SHAMMAH, CTO at the non-profit US based Unitary Fund, lead developer of QuTip and physicist, will share his views on Open Source development for the Quantum Computing community, and building a global Quantum ecosystem
– MATHIEU MUNSCH, CEO of Qnami, has co-founded one of the leading companies in the Quantum sensing sector, and will introduce us to a fascinating technology with short term applications in imaging

Meetup Replay: coding with atoms, disruptive nano-photonics for IR sensing, quantum computing for biopharma

Watch the replay on YouTube of our Meetup held on April 14th, 2020 featuring:
LOIC HENRIET, software engineer at Pasqal, who introduced the software stack of their unique platform, and demonstrated how to access it and leverage its unique capabilities
SIMONE DE LIBERATO, professor and University Research Fellow of the Royal Society at Southampton University, gave us a primer on the fascinating science of Ultra Strong Coupling and showed us his path towards real life applications of nano-photonics
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BOBIER, partner at Boston Consulting Group, presented his report “Will Quantum Computing Transform Biopharma R&D?“, more relevant than ever in times of Covid19

The access to Pasqal’s emulator through Cirq is on GitHub/Cirq

Workshop brings together Post Quantum Cybsecurity and Quantum Communications

BPI France, Le Lab Quantique and Quantonation organized during Deep Tech Week a workshop dedicated to the impact of the emerging threat of Quantum Computers on security, and the way to protect against it, both with Quantum technologies and Post Quantum cryptography.

COVID19 complicated attending for foreign participants, but it was nonetheless extremely successful and a good occasion for all stakeholders – government, large industry, startups, research institutions, venture capitalists – to share views.

The event is on replay on Le Lab Quantique Youtube channel and all presentations can be downloaded here.

Meetup Replay: Computational Drug Design, Photonic Quantum Computing and Student Entrepreneurship

In times of Covid19, for the first time a LLQ Meetup has happened exclusively online, which had a collateral effect: we had many attendees from out of Paris, from the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere. Up to 160 participants during the session were able to listen to our highly talented speakers, and interact with them:

– Christophe Jurczak, partner at Quantonation and co-founder of Le Lab Quantique

– Jean-Philip Piquemal, professor at Sorbonne University and University of Texas – Austin, about his work on Computational Drug Design and his entrepreneurial activities

– Richard Murray and Josh Nunn, respectively CEO and CTO at Orca Computing, leading London based startup in Optical Quantum Computing

– Karl Thibault, program manager Science and Entrepreneurship at Institut Quantique / Université de Sherbrooke

The presentations are available for download and you can watch the replay on our YouTube channel.