Meetup Replay – Quantum Orchestration, Quantum-Safe Cybersecurity, Building the Ecosystem

We had the great pleasure to host:
Michele MOSCA, professor at the Institute for Quantum Computing at University of Waterloo and co-founder of EvolutionQ, about quantum-safe data and communications security and his experience as an entrepreneur ;
Itamar SIVAN, CEO of Quantum Machines (Israel, US), on a mission to revolutionize computing. He told us about his company’s technology, Quantum Orchestration, and how he sees the future of Quantum Computing.
Jane GARRETT, Director of QTEC (Quantum Technology Enterprise Center) at University of Bristol (UK) and Maria PAWLOWSKA, Director at Visnea (Poland), debated on the construction of the Quantum Ecosystem with our own Robert MARINO

Meetup Replay – Superconducting Qubits, Quantum Machine Learning & Quantum Markets

We had the pleasure to host:
Alexandre BLAIS, Professor and Scientific Director at Institut Quantique / Sherbrooke University, an overview of science and technology in the field of superconducting qubits;
Iordanis KERENIDIS, CNRS Senior researcher & head of quantum algorithms at QC Ware, on Quantum Machine Learning and quantum applications;
Jean-Christophe ELOY, CEO of Yole Development, will present their latest study on the industrial perspective on quantum markets.